A smile, a peaceful nod, a handshake, or holding the door open for a stranger. It’s all relative, it’s how you complement God who lives through us, and for some, the only way they will ever understand who God is. It’s our responsibility to be kind, and the only way that the world will ever transform the hatred, that can only live inside people. Hatred isn’t an inordinate object, it doesn’t write Graffiti on the walls, it doesn’t separate people because they look different. That’s people, the hardened heart of mankind, the forefathers who taught, breathed, and promulgated the poison. Hatred is powerless without the people who use it to make their selfish and mundane proclamations of hatred and arrogance known. Yes, hatred has no life, without the people that exhale it, those who embrace it, and just like its destruction, it can’t live without a human to promote it, and a weak soul to house it.

Kindness also requires a human heart to live in, a smile to display it, and a mouth to broadcast it. So there you have it, Kindness is the silent killer of rage, hatred, and prejudice, and as long as the humans to whom it belongs to are afraid to proclaim it, Kindness will take on a path of silence, while falling asleep at the hands of the humans who chose to keep it enslaved.

Graceson Ellison

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