Live your own Inspiration!


Life can appear unfair at times. Feeling like you weren’t born in the right family, from the wrong part of town, not enough money, too fat, not skinny enough, wrong color eyes, or a host of other nuances.  Whatever causes your boat to sink you must dig deep and find your value.  Live by who you are not what you aren’t. Life is tricky and its idiosyncratic elements can be all over the place by virtue of your own thoughts. Your brain never rest, bouncing up and down, sideways and parallel to what makes sense.  That’s what makes your “life inspiration” your responsibility, and your passion.  Live your life in the work mode, fantastic, crazy, out of control, refusal to lose concept. Wake up breathing hope and aspiration, dream big, and flip out on the obstacles that have your life in shambles. Wake up your inspiration, and get your power juices flowing to the winner’s table and reject any resolution that doesn’t result in your inspiration overtaking emotional deflation!

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