Don’t stop coloring your life portrait just because your crayon broke.

Don’t stop coloring your life portrait just because your crayon broke.

Did you know that the greatest moments of your life happen when adversity hits? A perfect life is untested and unfounded. Life’s difficulties work to build character, and to evoke the necessary energy that sustains courage. What if you never learned the reason for crying, would you understand how tears felt, or that the releasing of tears help to regenerate positive emotions, while ridding the body of toxins and waste products that cause stress?  Yes, it’s true. Crying is good for the body, mind and spirit.

After releasing the stressful toxins that impale us, crying helps to assist your body to return to normal, including leveling out other issues such as hypertension or other health risk. After a good cry, your body releases the surplus of stress hormones like cortisol and prolactin, which ultimately results in you feeling calmer (Factual Biology.) Therefore, when your life hits a snag, or you are faced with chronic disappointments, use your body’s creative crying mechanism to get a good cry, and move on to regroup and transfer your emotions to “Strategy Mode.”

Life works like a marathon. You prepare far in advance for the long haul by exercising, completing mock races, eating healthy, toning, building your endurance, and lastly rest and recovery. Have you ever wondered how movie stars, celebrities, or professional athletes manage to get to the forefront of life?  Or why they appear so different from the typical human being?  Well they aren’t that different actual, only in theory. People of success have a life plan, which they follow day and night, regardless if they fail or not. They spend every wakening hour of the day planning their entry and exit life strategy, and no matter what happens they refuse to quit. That difference is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the winners from those who quit before they achieve their goals.

Take a look at the origin of the word “Strategy.” – (from the Greek word strate’gia, art of troop leader, office of the general, command, generalship”) it is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. So….  life is not without challenges, painful experiences, disappointments, or failures. However, you lose when you abandon, desert, or vacate your life goals, just because your crayon broke in the middle of you coloring your life portrait. Remember, when your life crayon breaks, it only means you now have “two” pieces instead of one. You have heard the saying “when life serves you lemons, make lemonade.” Well its the same concept.

Think sustainability. That means think diversely, productivity, indefinitely and ultimate endurance. Refuse to allow your life challenges to deplete your emotional and physical resources that are needed to win. If your body can sustain its own weight by allowing you to balance yourself in a handstand, or hold up your body weight by doing a push up, then those mechanics are only a compliment to how your mind is designed to fortify itself against the sometimes unpleasant or difficult processes that we face. We must press through, while embracing perseverance. So the next time you want to quit, just remember  the winning strategy above, and use that broken crayon like twin towers to fortify your goals, and double up your fight to win.

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