6 Ways to Embrace Winning and Shower Yourself with Confidence

Confidence can be elusive, and hard to locate after a tough encounter with life’s challenges.  Understanding that everyone has seasons of ups and downs, is crucial to regaining your self-confidence and keeping it in tact. Remember your brain controls what your body and emotions do, therefore “Positive Thinking” and “Refusing to allow Negative Thoughts” to surreptitiously infiltrate your mind keeps your success in growth mode. No one is exempt from succeeding, and success is not exclusive to any one person or group.  Thinking and knowing that you have a right to win, is how you own and maintain your joy, confidence, and the triumphant outcome!

  1. Don’t think why me, “Think, why not me” Your mind is the football field, and your confidence is the End-Zone.
  2. Command your brain to think positive thoughts, and dispel thoughts that make you feel tired and discouraged.
  3. Make every day one that has purpose and look forward to small victories on a daily basis. Winning is created with meticulous and consistent movements that get you to where success is waiting.
  4. Whenever you feel mentally and emotionally tired, remember you are at an extreme advantage simply because you are alive, competent, and hope is still in reach when you utilize your battle zone posture.  Shake it off, it’s only there for a short season, so don’t marry it.
  5. Remember there is never a reason to quit, simply put quitting resolves nothing, and winning can’t be accomplished without putting quitting out of commission permanently, both mentally and emotionally.
  6. Confidence is your life companion that is exempt from divorce or separation.  Keep it close to your mind and heart, and nourish it on a daily basis like it is your only true love!

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