Don’t let the day wake you up, Wake up the Day! Flip the script!

Don’t let the day wake you up, Wake up the Day! Flip the script!

Waiting for the alarm clock to wake you up is wasting valuable time.  Flip the script and begin your morning before your clock tells you to.  Greatness begins when success and prosperity are more valuable than sleep and leisure time.  Fighting to allow only winning to accompany you on this trip called life is the key to being the best at what you do.  Aren’t you simply over seeing the same people winning, while you sit back in the wings watching and wondering how?  Well everyone has a gift, and it’s your job to discover what yours is and begin to cultivate it.  Start by re-creating your self-portrait of success and achievement for yourself.  That means you have to power yourself through the old mindset that you are somehow lesser, or not as capable as those people who you admire.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you were born, if you are poor, or if you messed up before.  What matters today is that you identify your passion, discover how to make it great, and don’t quit until it becomes a source of security and wealth.  Remember, waiting on the alarm clock to alert you that it’s time to begin your greatness, is like waiting for a great meal to prepare itself! True prosperity is balancing your life, family, career, money, and success, but that can’t be done if you are asleep.  So wake up the day with greatness on your mind and make your success a reality, and not just a dream!

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