How to memorialize yourself when being introduced, ” In 33 seconds or less”

How to memorialize yourself when being introduced, ” In 33 seconds or less”


Introductions can make or break you!  You have only a few seconds to make an impression, otherwise, you can fall into a black hole, never to be thought of again.  Here are 8  very subtle power moves that will leave an impactful impression on whomever you meet, regardless of the venue. 3-2-1 go….

Walk into the room, head up, not down. Be powerful, confident, and assertive.

Flash a pleasant smile, then give immediate eye contact.

Acknowledge the person that you are meeting, don’t forget, eye contact is key when you are listening or speaking.

Sit uprightly, never look bored, or uninterested, be attentive at all times.

Don’t be too chatty, and match styles.  If the person makes small talk, it’s okay to respond with short yet organic responses. Let them preside over the introduction, you are only there to make an impactful impression.

Never use words such as:  okay, hmmm, kinda, yeah, umm, and no folding of the arms, it gives the impression that you are impatient.  Using any of the words above does not memorialize your presence, and does not set you apart from the competition.

Lastly leave the meeting with an exit greeting, and a genuine compliment and thank you! Give a final goodbye, and keep it professional.

Own it, it’s your moment.  It’s okay to “Fake it till you make it” even if you are nervous!  Think before you speak, and keep the conversation in context. Don’t ever let them see you sweat.

Words like “It was a pleasure”, “Absolutely”, and “Sure”, made Chick-fil-A’s  service famous, emulate that, and it’s a win-win.

It takes approximately 33 seconds to be introduced, and to make a positive impactful impression. No matter how long the meeting is, you can win over anyone in 33 seconds using the positive leads above.  Remember people don’t really know that you are a novice until you open your mouth and confirm it.  Keep your answers targeted toward the questions, and for the purposes of this introduction and meeting, be pleasantly quiet and attentive unless you are asked a question. These people were just like you, and sat in your seat before, and they are human, so don’t freak out! If you look the part, you get consideration points just for that alone. Being quiet doesn’t mean you don’t say anything during the awkward silence, it means you don’t dominate the conversation, you compliment it!





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