Mentorship Moment (TIPS on helping others)


We typically start our day with an inspirational or motivational blog of some sort to help with your life challenges. I thought we would change it up a bit, and flip the script so- to speak and look outward, instead of inward.  Mentorship Moment means you find at least one person today that needs your expertise, and your experience, and share with them. Use your accomplishments to uplift someone who is downtrodden, and discouraged.  Knowing that you can utilize your experiences for the betterment of the world, should brighten not only your day but someone else’s.  Our world will be a better place if we place giving at the top of the list with receiving. Selfishness blinds the soul to the needs of others and places people on an island by themselves.  A wise man once said….. “While reaching down to pick someone up, you are lifted up as well (Albert M. Ellison Sr.)”  Best Wishes, and go and pick someone to Mentor!

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