So What I’m Fatter Than You!

beauty1According to government statistics, Americans overemphasize being thin.  Walking into a store gives you a quick glimpse of mannequins in the classic size 0, 2, 4, which is the quintessential American model.  Although America has at least conceded that full-size models are acceptable, (mind you full size is size 8 and up) it is clear that America loves skinny. Preference in size in itself is not a problem, because people like what they like, and that is perfectly okay as long as it doesn’t interfere or infringe on another person’s healthy confidence. Some Parents are now teaching their children (mainly daughters) that anything over-size 2 is considered fat, and deprivation is becoming more and more acceptable as a standard setting module, as it relates to food. My friend’s daughter who is a beautiful size 6 (5 feet 7 inches), believes that she is obese, and starves herself because her classmates consider her fat. On the other hand, there are some size 0 people who are ship wrecking their metabolism by starving themselves and purging after a meal. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, which represents real beauty in all its splendor !! On the other hand, this beauty image that America has created is despicable and unhealthy for our youth and is a dangerous diversion away from other real success modules that should set the standard for Mental, Emotional, Academic, Spiritual, and Physical Health. Confidence should exude from every human being regardless of their size. The most egregious part of the entire model that America has created is that the actual people who are responsible for creating the model for beauty don’t fit the build themselves, making it even more disingenuous.

  • Seek to love yourself not your size .
  • Your size only matters if it means your health is or will be compromised.
  • Reject implications that your size determines your beauty.
  • Look into the mirror everyday and tell yourself “my success is not predicated on my size, and never will be”.
  • No one is better than me because they are skinnier than me, no way!
  • I am great because I nurture not only my intellect, soul, spirit, but also my lovely body no matter the size.

*reference “who is that daunting image that you see in the mirror”

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