Don’t let your yesterday’s mistakes ruin your tomorrow’s potential! (TIPS)


We have regrets ranging from just being a mediocre student to making that horrible decision to break the law.  Regardless of what you have done wrong in your life, being alive, and free, gives you a fresh opportunity to change your destiny. Most defeats in life are first conceived in the mind and can either continue to live there or can be eradicated by your refusal to embrace it. Therefore first dispelling thoughts of failure and declaring war on defeat that has taken up occupancy in your mind, is just the beginning to pursuing your new opportunities.  (reference ~  6 ways to reclaim your life after a failed endeavor @

  • Cease reflecting on your mistakes, they simply are reminders of failure.
  • Remember that your past mistakes do not define you or your future.
  • Never let anyone hold you hostage based on your past, release those misgivings.
  • Everyday is a new opportunity for success, so seize every moment.
  • Remember if there were no such thing as second chances, the entire world would cease to exist anymore.
  • Your past can be your strength or your weakness, you get to choose.
  • Believing in your ability to capitalize on your future, is far more productive than reflecting on your past indiscretions which will eventually ship wreck your confidence.

** Also reference ~

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