5 Ways to Grace yourself through life!


My personal interpretation of Grace is that it is the most valuable yet understated word in the entire world.  Grace ~ To show honor or credit to someone or something without them deserving it.

Since we all know there are times when we would cut out portions of our lives that include people who have offended us or slighted us in some way, this article was created specifically for you. Grace was not created to establish a way to escape the experiences that make life complicated, it was created to provide purpose to your challenges, and to create substantive opportunities in this laboratory of life to remove unnecessary impurities which can ultimately hold us back and restrict us from being our best.  Let’s look at 5 ways to Grace yourself through life.

  1. Consider that most issues are blown out of portion, and  almost always appear worse than they actually are.
  2. Take the “This too shall pass” mentality with misunderstandings. Don’t over think things.
  3. Give people in your life a second chance to make it right.  The human body and mind is not designed to be perfect, and falters often, but sometimes with good intentions.
  4. Take notes on how other people’s differences complement yours, and be open to accepting people from different cultures and walks of life, especially when they endeavor to be productive.
  5. Let grace consume your thoughts, on a daily basis, instead of letting the instinctive nature be a precursor to unforgiveness which ultimately destroys the entire foundation of one of the most powerful words that exist “Grace.”

~ also reference http://www.askgraceson7.blogspot.com

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