What’s the most powerful word in your world?


There are a few powerful words that make the top list, but the most powerful and impactful word is “YES“.  Yes is so powerful, that when used correctly, it can shift mental mountains. The word “YES” simply means to express affirmation or assent, or to mark the addition of something.  What if we used “YES” instead of “I’m not sure”, “Maybe”, “Let’s see what happens”  Those three phrases have elements of doubt, and uncertainty and contains components of fear and apprehension.  Hesitating on matters of the heart is one thing, however, we should delete the faltering of speech from our vocabulary when it comes to programming our mind to live in thrive mode regarding our success.  Just saying “YES” I can, places you at the positive end of both pleasant and difficult decisions.  Thinking and saying “YES” offer you positive, substitutive, and fundamentally powerful options that are beneficial to your life challenges. Yes also places you at the head of this game of life.    Who would have guessed that such a small word could present so many powerful opportunities!

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