Can You See with your Eyes Closed?



We have heard that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but closing them too often could mean limited or distorted vision. There is both scientific and theoretical supposition as to the role our eyes play in focusing. Did you know that we close our eyes approximately 28,000 times per day, that’s 10% of your day being utilized in the blinking state?  Scientists believe that blinking can be instinctive, although a more recent study shows that blinking occurs when we are taking an introspective rest.   That can mean either you are bored or giving your eyes and brain a brief moment to rest and focus. Now, let’s look at this from a fundamental stand point, and how we can apply this to our everyday lives. Taking too many mental breaks, taking your eyes off the prize, or allowing your mind to wander and lose focus, can mean that you are bored far too much. It could also mean that you need to use that 90% of open eye time to read, study, plan, and strategize your next life move. 


Success does have legs, but the legs won’t grow without nourishment.  That means cultivating your dreams without losing your focus, and without allowing anything to make you look away.  Another component to focusing is never blaming anyone for what you are responsible for.  Think about some of the most successful people in the world.  Have you noticed that they never look bored?  Let’s take Oprah Winfrey for instance, I have studied her posture for years, and this is my conclusion.  What’s so absolutely distinct about her is that she has the rare ability to make every person in her presence feel like they are the only person in the room.  That concentration and skill have rendered her one of the most successful women in America.  Powerful right?   That conclusion also supports the theory that firm focus on your life goals is one of the most emotionally charged

elements of success. Closing your eyes too often to avoid looking at life challenges won’t make them go away, instead, it clouds your visual stimuli. Even if you really want to look away, don’t.  Stare life challenges right in the face!  What does all this mean for your life?  It simply means that too much resting of the eyes trains your brain to be lazy, and not to function at its best.    Check out these facts that will surprise you about your potential.


th0EJJSRFQ.jpg                                                                       ~ FOCUS ~

Everyone is born with only gums, and no teeth, although we all have the same blue print for growth.  By late teens, the average person has all their adult teeth that number is 32.  This just means the potential is the same, but it depends heavily on how you nurture and protect them.

Did you know that the average person has between 640 – 800 plus muscles in the body?  There are three types including Skeletal, Visceral, and Cardiac. That is just another example that proves most of us have the same ability, although some people keep the muscles toned and healthy by exercising, while others fail to nurture the muscles, allowing them to become unhealthy and weak.

Although we are born with different levels of aptitude, the average person utilizes their brain in very different ways. Meaning, determining how you use your brain is pertinent to achieving the success that you desire.  When going forward, think about the importance of keeping your focus on valuable life commodities, and don’t sleep too long, you may miss your opportunities.

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