Life Passes Quickly, It’s Your Move!


Remember your Parents or Grandparents saying “looks like that was just yesterday”? That is not just a figure of speech.  Life moves quickly like a 50-yard dash, although it can sometimes feel like a marathon when it has no direction. How you approach your life, determines your destiny, and your destiny determines your legacy. Waiting abstracts the nutrients from your life roots, which leaves your destiny thirsty and malnourished. There are fundamental requirements needed to keep your life moving in an upward and abundant momentum, and procrastinating on providing your life with the next chess move can prove to be detrimental.  Let’s look at some essential tips to assist you with your journey.

•    Successful people don’t take breaks, they take opportunities to seize the day.
•    Waking up just an hour early to plan, gives you the upper hand on the competition.
•    Aspiration, Hope, Ambition is primary, Inspiration is secondary!
•    Get to know yourself, and don’t be afraid to identify and attack your areas of weakness.
•    Don’t depend on anyone to make your success a reality, that’s your job.
•    Waiting for the right moment to put feet to your vision, is like waiting to drink water when you are thirsty.  Delay is Destiny’s arch-enemy!
•    Be a Trendsetter, not an Outlier
•    Everyone has a unique and idiosyncratic gift, identify yours and begin the development process.
•    This may sound cliché, but… see yourself being as successful as your idols.  They are people just like you who decided that just being good, isn’t good enough! They strived for Greatness!
•    Don’t leave your life “Under Construction” forever, finish the project, and keep maintenance in full force!



2 thoughts on “Life Passes Quickly, It’s Your Move!

  1. I forwarded to my 21 year old daughter that is applying to jobs post college grad. She really needs some inspiration and a kick in the butt. I hope she will take in your wise words and take he world by storm!

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