Is Reality TV, Your Reality?

Is Reality TV, Your Reality?

Okay, I did a poll and asked my followers what subject they wanted me to blog about next, (drum roll please…) and the winner is…..  “Why is America Addicted to Reality TV”.  I have to be perfectly honest, this is really outside the scope of my style of writing. I was expecting family issues, life issues, etc.  I am more inspirational, metaphoric, or maybe even poetic.  But as promised, here we go!  I will admit that I have watched a few Reality TV shows or two in my lifetime, while laughing profusely, but for the life of me, I still can’t fathom why.  I really do believe that Reality TV serves as a broker for fantasy to the viewers. One can watch others in the rare form of beauty, riches, opulence, and glamour, of course, all while fantasizing about spending insane amounts of money and being married to an absolutely drop dead gorgeous, rich and powerful husband. Where else would you find a stunning group of women with beautiful faces and bodies throwing shade like it’s a profession?  It’s just not real life for most of us, but clearly, it provides an escape from the tedious real life and sometimes arduous lifestyle of working class people. The real deal is you shouldn’t try it at home, or anywhere else as far as that goes. Don’t attach Reality TV to your relationships, finances, friendships, or child rearing and you will be just fine. It’s not REALITY!  But….. other than the fighting, sleeping around, frivolous spending, weave snatching, shade throwing, clique forming, gossiping, bullying, marriage busting, tea dropping antics, it’s not that bad right?  And that’s keeping it 100.



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