Success (do you have it or not?)


Okay….  Success, what are we really talking about here?  We hear this word so often, but what does it really mean?  Success is basically the accomplishment of a goal or purpose.

It can also mean money prosperity, riches, and opulence.  If we think about success on a more practical basis, it really just means to actually have a goal that you are not “sleeping” on.  One that has vision, and movement.  It would be ideal if everyone had the top-notch success story about being a self-made millionaire, or building an empire from scratch. But in reality, those stories are not the norm (although attainable).  The fundamentals of Success is being impregnated with your own personal vision for your life, and one that is indicative of what you love to do, and what you do well.  One that is not dead, but alive and growing right before your eyes.  Now let’s talk about money success! Money is awesome, it’s wonderful, and boy it’s nice to have. But……  the truth is we actually need both money and true success, and they are distinctly different. So when striving for success, keep in mind that True Success means that you have healthy relationships with money, and people and one without the other never works.  So remember when you “think”  Prosperity, it’s not just money, it’s successfully managing your money, life, relationships, and health.  So let’s create a new word…..  Successperity!  (there you go Webster)  Have a good day!

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