Think upside down about why you don’t fit in. ( 5 TIPS)


Fitting in can be an arduous task for most of us.  There are special dynamics to the why and the how of why you don’t fit in.  First of all, remember that there are self-appointed citizens of society (some mean girls and guys as far as that goes) who have established a line regarding who is allowed in and who isn’t.  That’s perfectly fine, or it should be because who wants to live in the place of perpetual emptiness and renting out free space in your head to mean girls (or guys) who don’t pay for the valuable rent space in return, instead you allow them to dominate our thoughts on a daily basis. The fitting in balancing act, as it relates to finding your rightful place in the friendship circle can be tricky, and knowing when and where you fit in is paramount.  Check out the list below to help you establish your boundaries.


  • Don’t ever Acquiesce to those who reject you for no valid reason.  Establishing your fortitude, dignity, and your proprietary self-worth is critical.  Once people view you as valuable, they are more likely to accept you, or at the least, respect you which is what you should ultimately care about.
    Don’t look to Fit in, instead look to be a testament to good friendship.  Productive and long-term friendships are created from authenticity, so be patient, not desperate.
    Be Organic and Authentic.  Not everyone was meant to be friends! People have unique and sometimes eccentric personalities that simply don’t fit.  Use your uniqueness to create your own brand and establish your own trend to gain friends.
    Never Compromise your Integrity and brand to create someone else’s. You are you; and your friend or friendships should compliment you, not re-create you.
    Think Upside Down about this Friendship Thing!  Remember some people need “other” people to qualify them. ( although they hide it well behind being a self-appointed Diva) They are the Kings or Queens of the castle that they have built; And mind you the castle was built on a very limited budget, with cheap labor and fragile components. That simply means that real Kings and Queens of the world don’t build their own empire, it is inherited and created for them. So don’t fall for the “Diva Empire Thing”, it’s foolish, immature, and presumptuous. Every friendship must have equal respect and contribution and should be built with more than one person in mind.


Remember, in order to gain friends you have to show yourself friendly, so be nice, open and inviting.  But remember being nice, doesn’t mean substituting someone else’s personality for your uniqueness and charm. Just be yourself!



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