6 Ways to Reclaim Your Life after a Failed Endeavor.

6 Ways to Reclaim Your Life after a Failed Endeavor.

Failing at anything in life can leave you feeling worthless, and inadequate. It resonates in your mind, and body, while you are awake, and can even haunt you while you sleep. Tackling the aftermath of failure can be brutal on the ego, and even more catastrophic to the mind if you don’t recover as quickly as possible. Failure has many faces, including failed marriages or relationships, careers, finances, raising children, success, just to name a few. There is no foolproof way to conquer failure, however, there are 6 powerful and resourceful steps that will get you well on your way to reclaiming your happiness.


•    Acceptance – recognizing that failure of some sort has occurred is the first step to moving on. Denying the failed endeavor doesn’t mean it didn’t occur, instead, it means the healing process is delayed.
•    Redemption – Understanding that it is possible to recover from the breach (whatever it may be) and reclaiming your rightful position in life is a reality.
•    Repercussions – There will be consequences for the failure in some form or fashion that will impact your life.  It’s like a beautiful tree that was ripped out of the ground by a storm which was unable to be replanted until after the storm had passed, and the ground returned to its fertile condition. In some cases, rebuilding may mean starting from scratch.
•    Self-forgiveness – One of the most vulnerable areas of recovery is forgiving yourself.  It is difficult because the truth is that you are a constant reminder that your role (or lack thereof) contributed to the breakdown.  Failure has a reverberating sound that can dull your senses if you don’t forgive yourself, by putting the daunting memory out of reach. A visit to a certified counselor, or maybe a friend or mentor may help.
•    Recovery – Returning to the most productive and valuable state after the breach  Think about it like this….  What happens when you forget or lose your password?  You put in a request for a reset, and are asked pertinent and identifying questions to authenticate your identity.  After which you are allowed to RESET your password, returning to operating as the original participant.  Regaining your authenticity is pertinent. You are not alone, we all issues that require recovery efforts.
•    RESET – Redevelopment – Re-branding starting over, or shifting directions. Resetting your life after a failure is pertinent to recovering. In some situations, you may have been forced to reset, and that is okay as well. The most important aspect of resetting is understanding that there was a breach, and it is perfectly normal for you to feel apprehensive, or guarded about the situation. Those feelings should diminish over time as you move in the right direction.  Hitting the reset button means that you face the harsh reality of the loss, but accepting it with the condition that “A failure, Doesn’t Mean that You Are A Failure” it only means that the fragmented part needs repair or an overhaul.  Embracing the true reason that the failure occurred in the first place, and endeavoring to make it right (if you can) is how you should proceed.  It’s crucial to note however that resetting may include rejection or deletion.  Mending fences are ideal, however, it’s okay if you are not able to rekindle the relationship.  Life can be vulnerable in that way, and accepting that it’s over is not always bad. Walking away from an unproductive relationship or situation doesn’t mean you abandon any resulting responsibilities. Forgive, and move forward, while embracing the new chapter of your life!



3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Reclaim Your Life after a Failed Endeavor.

  1. Self forgiveness Is crucial ,as it mainly is what holds one back from regaining self reclamation. I love the steps given they are wholesome


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