Metamorphosis Monday (Why Do You Run Out of Energy at Work?)

Metamorphosis Monday (Why Do You Run Out of Energy at Work?)

Metamorphosis – a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.


So it’s Monday and you are half-way through the day.  You have managed to drag yourself to the coffee machine twice already, and did a couple of Yoga moves while no one was looking.  You believe in your mind that the boredom is yet again pushing you within an inch of just leaving and going home for a nap.  Now going home for a nap is crucial here because it appears you would at the least have the energy to do that.  What that implies, is that you do have the energy to figure out how to escape this arduous task at hand called work, and finally, the energy to determine what happens after your nap.  Your lack of energy is your missing metamorphosis.  The inability to allow your mind to transform into a completely different and productive one.  Now I will challenge you that you aren’t really out of energy, you just have no motivation, which is completely opposite.  So let me give you a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say a loved one had just won the lottery, and summoned you to meet them at exactly 2:00 a.m., sharp so that you could collect your portion of the funds. Would your motivation shift? Or would you sit idly while the other family members rush frantically to get there? Of course not!  In all probability, you would actually get there early, Why? Because there is something there that you want, need, and ultimately would not miss out on for all the tea in China.  You would arrive refreshed, without the time of day being a factor. That motivation and tenacity are what is missing from your Monday.meta 2

Your vision of how you are going to spend your inheritance, and how it would change your life is paramount here. The immediate mental transformation that you embraced, is exactly the metamorphosis that is missing from your day.  You picture yourself in your brand new shiny car, perhaps even get yourself a new mate to match.  Perhaps you will even consider taking a long-desired trip to the South of France.  Whatever your vision would be, you have managed to generate immediate motivation to at least envision it.  One million wild horses could trample over you, but your motivation to get to your inheritance would not be stifled in any way, and you would crawl if you had to. I know the scenario is a bit extreme, but I am sure you get the point. That’s really all you need on a daily basis to tackle the Monday blues or every other day as well. Allow your mind to transform from envisioning yourself tired and unmotivated to alive and impregnated with the power to transform your mind into an influential and integral member of your work team. One who inspires and has a positive impact on everyone you come in contact with.  Be memorable,  it’s pertinent to success. So instead of the dreaded Monday blues, tap into your transformed mind of completing your Monday task with dignity and integrity. Remember, your job and career are your inheritance. Albeit, a small portion, but it is how you pay your bills and provide food and shelter for your family.  Protect this inheritance, and don’t take it for granted, it could always be worse!


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