Tips on dealing with a Headless Boss from Tarrytown.

Tips on dealing with a Headless Boss from Tarrytown.

Just like the story of the “Fictional Headless Horseman” from Tarrytown, the Headless Boss emerges from the grave, and never finds his head. He has been seen however holding what appears to be his head (or a pumpkin like figure in his hands at times). Of course in this story, the Headless Boss actually loses his head because it was cut off by the door jamb clearly because his head was far too big to fit through the door. Now we know that there are a few versions of the story of the Headless Horseman, but we will build our own version using the Headless Boss instead.   The Headless Boss is scary and purposes to evoke terror into all that oppose him (or her) while looking for his head. He can ultimately decide to take your head instead ( stealing your ideas and proposals etc.) passing it off as his own.   The Headless Boss also suppresses potential, instills fear, uses intimidation tactics, while simultaneously leaving remnants of resignations and complaints along the way. Apparently, Human Resources and upper management share the fear of the ghost of the Headless Boss as he (or she) have managed to remain gainfully employed without interruption.  Now there are difficult bosses, complicated bosses, unlikable bosses, but none measures up to the Headless Boss, who knows that they will somehow evade being reprimanded and therefore has no fear.  Since we spend more waking hours during the week at work than we do at home, it’s pretty important to work in a productive environment, that is conducive for growth.  Without that of course, your life can be miserable where work is concerned.  Now let’s take a look at a few pointers on how to deal with a difficult, unreasonable, and unproductive boss.


•Avoid unnecessary confrontations.  Agree with your adversary quickly when possible.
• As difficult as it may be, remain courteous, and take the time to say thank you.
• Arrive to work on time, and don’t take extended lunch or breaks, this only heightens the situation, with this very difficult personality.
• Learn what their triggers are, and try not to be menacing.
• Keep cell phone usage to a minimum, and perfect your work ethic, this is pertinent.
• Although your boss is not a mentor, write down your questions and concerns, and present them to him or her in person or of course email is even better.
• Endeavor not to take this behavior personally, this boss is likely this way with everyone.
• If your boss makes your life miserable, and the company appears to be enabling this behavior, run to the hills (but keep a look out, the Headless Boss is like a ghost and can be anywhere).
• Don’t quit your job before you have secured another one in writing.  Nothing is worse than being unemployed.
• This is your life, so take control, and don’t let a menacing boss be your excuse to duplicate their behavior. There are Headless Bosses in high places as well, and the truth is that most employees don’t leave companies they leave Headless Leaders.

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